Message from the Chairman

I hope that the NRC will be a major force for economic development in Nunavut and that it will be a bright chapter in the ongoing story of the relationship between Inuit and resource development. Following the settlement of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement (NCLA) our fortunes have improved, as have our ambitions for the future of our children. With the enactment of the NCLA, resource developers now must negotiate Impact and Benefit Agreements with Inuit. As a result, jobs, training and opportunities for our businesses have been realized. However, the greatest rewards from resource development have not yet been achieved. This will only happen when Inuit can fulfill the dream of achieving full participation in northern resource projects by owning equity and infrastructure in the development projects occurring on our lands.

Through the NRC, the Inuit of Nunavut can become future owners and operators of resource developments. Our ownership in resource development projects will also ensure that the things that Inuit value, our culture and our land, will not be overlooked, but instead will be at the forefront when developments are being planned and implemented.

There are many amazing resource development opportunities across Nunavut. The time is right for the NRC.  Let’s take the next step and prosper together. Koana

Charlie Evalik, NRC Chairman